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Brett Man






If you are looking for professional entertainment with a fun loving crazy flair,

BRETT MAN is the entertainer for you!

Houston's best kept secret is getting out,

you better get him while he is still available.




Explore the Magic of Brett Man


Birthday parties to stage illusions, from the backyard to the stage Brett Man can handle the crowd. He performs his magic for small children at day cares / libraries and works Bar-Mitzvahs / Bat-Mitzvahs and Jr. High shows also. He has a great show for the teenagers too.  But his heart is in Vegas so he also has an awesome illusion show, great for corporate and family audiences alike. He performs escape tricks, mind reading mentalism, cut in 1/2 and float, guillotines, metamorphosis and much much more! Better grab him while you can, call now and check for availability.



DJ Brett Man Show!


Not just a juke box, and more than a mood enhancer, DJ Brett Man is a party facilitator. This show comes complete with a loud crisp sound system with music from 20's to the 2000's and with disco lights is his main setup. Also can be included is the option of a wireless mic, a bubble and/or fog machines, crowd games (ex. hula hoops, limbo..) and/or magic, juggling, unicycling or the stilt dancing DJ. He performs and works a lot with a dance troop that serves as dance motivators and break dancers. And if you want something different how about Elvis or Austin Powers as your DJ or what ever character you can come up with. He specializes in luau's and 80's themed parties. He has a show for all ages, all types and makes it all fun.



 Juggling, Unicycling and Stilt Walking


Juggling acts with balls, clubs, swords, bowling balls and night time juggling with balls that light  up. He can incorporate his unicycle or his 6 foot unicycle into the show, and he can coach juggling lessons for kids at his show. If you want one of the bravest stilt walkers in all of Houston, call Brett Man he can dance, jump, walks up & down stairs, he's crazy! He can be any juggling character you would like him to be. He can be himself or he could be a clown, jester, elf, cowboy, Uncle Sam, monster, Elvis or whatever!




Character Shows


From Austin Powers to Boba Fett or a silly clown. Brett Man has over 50 different costumes and is always ready for a challenge. We have kids characters, adult characters, seasonal characters and birthday telegram characters.

Kids Characters

    The world's famous "Scooter Pie" the clown, and of course his oldest and most beloved superhero Batman. Since '92 he has added the following; Superman, Robin, Captain America, Dare Devil, Jedi, Boba Fett, Star Trek, Ninja Joe, Ernie the train engineer, Inspector Gadget, Harry PotterGI Joe or Captain Jack Flash the Pirate.



Elvis, Austin Powers, Billy Idol and Ace Ventura.

Themed Shows

He has costumed character and show for the following themes; Luau parties, Fiesta theme, Disco parties, the Egyptian Magician show, a Safari show, a Cowboy theme, a Boy Scout magic show and a Casino themes too. He is always willing to expand in to new territory, call and inquire the sooner the better!



Seasonal Shows


For Halloween he performs Magic, DJ and Juggling as a silly monster. He has many faces of horror but none of them are so scary. He's got freaky Frank N. Stein, the dreadful Dracula ,and much more and he can be accompanied by and his wife as the beautiful Bride of Frankenstein. Brett Man has a monster DJ show that is growing to be a bigger hit every year and is usually accompanied with a monster magic show. This is a sure hit for those block parties or school shows. He has a big production he puts on every Halloween called the "Monster Magic Show" at the Downtown Aquarium the weekend before Halloween with big stage illusions. It's a got to see show!

For Christmas when he's not busy at a  DJ show for corporate parties he is also "Scooter" the Christmas Elf performing magic, juggling or kid's DJ all over Houston. And he is also the big cheese himself, Santa Claus! He works with other elves who do face painting, balloon animals and helping Santa.

 And for more holiday ideas he has an Irish Magician, the Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam or Uncle Sam on stilts,  Cowboy or Cowboy on stilts, Elf or Elf on stilts, Mardi Gras Jester or a Jester on stilts and Cupid for Valentines Day.



Surprise Birthday Telegrams


One of Brett Man's most favorite things to do is play pranks on people. This guy is not shy or scared and will embarrass or impress some lucky or unlucky birthday person. He's got the sweet ones to ask her hand in marriage or the funny ones with Austin Powers, Cupid or a Nerd. Then you have the scary ones, we call them Birthday Nightmares! Its kind of like Candid Camera, Punk'ed or Houston's very own Birthday Scam. You give us the information, we compose and orchestrate the situation, and you laugh at the results. Warning! Show may contain Risky, tear jerking, foot stomping comedy with a big twist or surprise, you choose their fate.





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